Post02: Back in time

The following longer video was recorded 23 years ago in a warm January Sunday in Dülükbaba, Gaziantep. This is only video recording with my father. It is a clear example of how life was simpler and people were happier with what they had back in 90s. Turkish community was not introduced with the spirit of capitalism. They were not familiar with the idea/habit of constant consumption. I remember I was so happy to have a Rotring pencil.

This short video was recorded in at a local cafe, Golf Aile Çay Bahçesi, Çanakkale, Turkey on September 28, 2017 around 13pm, at my lunch time. It is a fine example to observe the beauty and fine details of ordinary life. If you also have a passion in making sense of ordinary life, the actions of those people on this video might amaze you as well.

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