Post08: Berdyansk days

2018/07 – Berdyansk, Ukraine (c) MA Icbay

Today is my sixth day in this Ukrainian town. A seaside town along Azov Sea. Part of Black Sea. July is the hottest/wettest period of the year. However, the evenings are cool with mesmerizing wind blowing to your skin. Blended with the tranqualizing sound of oak trees. Ukrainian people are extremely kind. Polite. My favorite part. This can be observed in many situations: In public transportation, in lines, in social conversations. In a seemingly poor economy with limited resources, it takes a lot, tremendously a lot, to remain polite.

Today is my tenth day here. So far I have visited many public places: Grocery store, downtown, beach, pharmacy, bazaar, bank, summer house, parks. Among many places, pharmacies are the most interesting places in Ukraine. There are many. At least two three pharmacies on the same street. They sell any prescribed or non prescribed medicine. I assume medicine is an emerging market here. I am not sure if it is ethically or medically right investment.


Another observation: What is wrong with the spirit of capitalism in the post-soviet states? The answer might be the cultural adaptation to the new system. The financial system seems to be working with the scary rules of capitalism. However, it might take some time for the society to adapt itself to the new rules. Private property, public places, savings, facilities and so on. The use of public places is just one part of the communism-to-capitalism transition. Previously, as I have been told here, the state was maintaining the public places. The amazing parks, public transportation, any common use places were properly maintained by the state. Now. It is the sad part.