Post12: The source of joy in my life

2019/03 – Çanakkale, Turkey (c) MA Icbay

In a setting full of hate and resentment, recently I have decided to focus on what makes my day. Although I have no faith in categorization of any kind, I will group the joy of my life according to the senses. No surprise! I will start with the hearing. Then smell. Then touching. Taste and finally sight.

(1) Swallows singing at dawn in a May weekend.
(2) Leaves caressing each other on a weeping willow in a breezy April afternoon.
(3) The peace of silence, tranquility, in a snowy December evening.
(4) Silverware knocking in the kitchens. Heard while walking in the old narrow streets in Gaziantep.
(5) Zeki Müren.

(1) The burnt carpet-surplus smell coming out of old stoves in a chilling winter morning.
(2) Turkish coffee. Definitely on a working day morning. After breakfast.

(1) Watching my four year old son turn on TV, then find Youtube, find his favorite cartoon in the list, and playing it on his own.
(2) Following the fresh-in-love couples trying to get closer to each other while walking. My favorite part is the man’s attempts to hold her hand mistakenly.
(3) Watching the sun set on the shore with varying colors in a couple of minutes. First fire gold, then crimson, followed by hazel blue, then a sorrow yellow, finally a mixed color of purple and bordeaux.