What I like:

(1) Playing with Lego. It has been always a passion in my life. It is a way of expressing my  creativity. A way calming down the daily stress. Since my father bought the very original Lego set in a winter afternoon, those tiny Lego pieces have been building my personality, my creativity, my future, my dreams. Now, Lego is something that my son and I share. We play planes, cars, buses, garages, anything we name and we build.

Timur, Julia and Mehmet Ali Icbay (c) Çanakkale – September 2017.

(2) Watching X-Files. My late teenage years were filled with the images from X-files. Waiting for the next episode after the school was the joy that I shared with my genius sister. Recently I have started watching them. It is the same show. The same cast: Scully and Moulder. But not the same taste. My sister is missing.

Screen Shot 2017-10-15 at 00.17.32

(3) Reading about ethnomethodology, social theory, marxism, discourse, MK Atatürk.

(4) Taking photos. Random people’s daily routine.

MA Icbay (c) Library, Middle East Technical University, Ankara.

(5) Coding. Mainly PHP.

(6) Doing graphic design.

(7) Spending time at gym.

(8) Watching Olacak O Kadar. Old old episodes from 90s. It was part of our weekly routine. As a family. Around that old stove. In the evening. Tea. Fruits. Olacak O Kadar.

(9) Watching Seinfeld over and over again. Including the bloopers.